vendredi 9 décembre 2011

Hello CC fans !!! We are working on the 13th edition of the famous Circle Cow contest !!! First of all, as usual, it's to find the money. We are on it, it's really hard, but we hope it would be ok. Thank you for your comprehension in advance in the case where we will have to cancel the 2012 edition.

mercredi 16 mars 2011

23 Mag !!!

All you need to know about the history of the Circle Cow adventure is on 23 Mag !!!
Check out this excellent website about History of BMX !!!
Most of the pages are in english language.
Your contributions are welcome !!!

Stéphane Bar Photos

Have a look on his flickr to see a lot of good photos !!!


Alex Jumelin

Adam Kun


The first A.R.T issue is available with an excellent article on the CC12.

Check out their website

mercredi 2 mars 2011

CC staff !!

Nice shots from Rémi Issali

Alex Jumelin x Circle Cow 12

Matthias Dandois  x Circle Cow 12

Jean Bulhon  x Circle Cow 12

CC12 report by Matthias on Soul BMX Mag

Video edited by Valentin, member of the Servon Flat Club, Great Job !!!

Circle Cow 12-Servon from Valentin Flad on Vimeo.

Nice photo gallery on Global Flat !!!

CC12 was the first step of the new France Cup

Here is the first ranking of the Flatland France Cup.
Only for expert and master class.
Next Step, Ninja Spin
Check out the results on Agoride, you also will find a new photo gallery

CC12 on Agoride

RedBull made an article of the CC12

Some videos edited by BMX Force

Circle Cow 12 Dimanche/Sunday from BMX-FORCE on Vimeo.

Circle Cow 12 Samedi/Saturday from BMX-FORCE on Vimeo.

CC12 on FlatWeb TV Episode 3

The 3rd episode from Flat Web TV is available with a report of the CC12

FlatWebTV Episode 3 from Justin Hoey on Vimeo.

mardi 8 février 2011



1 Thomas Gunkel

2 Thomas Legrand

3 Baptiste Gunkel

4 Mayrik Costa

5 Alexis Durieux


1 Valentin Flad

2 Mickaël Vest

3 Tomy Idler

4 Guillaume Feuz

5 Benji Vanlerberghe

6 Moran Guiriec


1 Melvyn Mason

2 Benoit Clément

3 Benoit Ligout

4 Renaud Meloni

5 Jean Michel Chauvel

6 Bruno Samon


1 Fred Page

2 Renaud Laspeyres

3 Didier Genet

4 Nils Buyse

5 Kevin Meyer

6 Yannick Chauvel

7 Kris Gautier

8 Mike Plas


1 Matthias Dandois

2 Joris Bretagnolles

3 Romain Georges

4 Alex Jumelin

5 Adam Kun

6 Jean Bulhon

7 Thomas Noyer

8 Sebastian Pospischil

9 Fabien Stephan

10 Arnaud Gravey

11 Markus Reich

12 John Kramer

vendredi 4 février 2011


Day-1 !!! I am off now, I am on the way to prepare the indoor spot for the CC12 with my staff !!!
See you tomorrow !!!

mercredi 2 février 2011

Kunstform ?!

We are proud to announce Kunsform ?! is for the first time sponsor of the CC. This shop has been supporting flatland since many years.
Visit their website :

samedi 29 janvier 2011

DJ Shamalo

DJ Shamalo is the official DJ for the CC12 ! He is also on the CC team.
He will perform all styles of music to help you during your run !!!

Circle Cow Team

We are working hard on the 12th edition.
Circle Cow Team = Ismaël, Benoit, Elodie, Xavier, Kévin, Pascal

Buvette Girls

The official Buvette Girls are = Aurélie, Gabby and Aurore
Don't hesitate !!! they are not naughty girls !!!

Need parts ???

Flatlandstore and K-124 Lyon will have a booth at the CC12.
If you need parts, technical info or just to meet them, don't hesitate !!! They are cool guys.

Old School Jam

On Sunday, just before pro final, some old french riders will perform a oldschool show !!!
You will see how we rode in the 80's !!! History of bmx flatland for the first time at the Circle Cow.
Be there !!! Don't miss it !!!

Official Poster

mardi 18 janvier 2011

Power Balance Best Combo

We are proud to announce Power Balance will sponsor the best combo !!!

lundi 10 janvier 2011


Here are the sponsors for the Circle Cow :
Check out their website !!!
Some others will follow soon

All the info you need !!!

Please, find below all the info you need =

Music :

DJ Shamalo (Hip Hop/Trip Hop/House)
Snack Bar
Classes : Novice, Amateur, Expert, Master, Pro
Entry fee = 20 €, except Pro = 25 €
Visitors = Free entrance


The time-table and the contest format depend on the number of riders and could be modified !!!
Opening = 10.30 am
Registrations and practice = 10.30 am to 12.30 pm
Qualifications = 1.00 pm
Closing = 8.00 pm

Novice, Amateur, Expert = 1 run of 1mn30

Master and Pro = 1 run of 2mn

The points for the qualified riders will be added with the points of the final

Opening = 10.30 am
Open doors and practice = 10.30 am to 12.30 pm
Finals = 1.00 pm
Prize giving = 5.00 pm
Closing = 6.00 pm

Novice, Amateur and Girls = 1 run of 1mn30

Expert and Master = 1 run of 2mn

Pro = 1 run of 3mn


Cheap Hotels :

All of them are at 5mn from the contest place by car.

Etap Hôtel
L’Orée du Val De Marne
Rue du Noyer de Saint Germain
Phone : +33 892 683 213
Hotel code : 1018
Link :

Hôtel Formule 1
ZAC La Haie Passart
Phone : +33 891 705 200

Fast Hôtel
11 allée du Commandant Guesnet
Phone : +33 1 60 34 18 18
Link :

How to go :

At 20km from Paris, by the road RN19, Servon is located near by Francilienne, big motorway all around Paris.

By Public Transport :

The nearest train station is Boissy Saint Léger (RER Ligne A)

The town is served by 4 busline.

(Bus stop in Servon : Mairie)

From Boussy-Saint-Antoine station (RER Line D) :

Busline: 40-06

From Boissy Saint Léger station (RER Line A) :

Busline : 40-12
Busline : 40-21
Busline : 40-22

By Car:

From all the motorways, go to the N104 motorway located between Marne La Vallée and Melun from A4 or A6 motorways, and called too ‘’Francilienne’’ and take exit Brie Comte Robert, then follow Créteil by RN19, after 1km, turn right after the traffic lights and you are in Servon. After, easy to find because Servon is a small village. Go to : Mairie (city hall).