lundi 22 février 2010

Sevisual video

Tom from Sevisual has just edited a video ! Good Job !!! I want to go ride after watching it !!!

Circle Cow 11 - 2010 Sevisual from sevisual on Vimeo.

More ?

The team Circle Cow in action !!!

We work hard for this event and we proove it !!!

Thank you

The CC11 is finished ! Thank you very much to all for your support = sponsors, volunteers, buvette girls, dj's, spectators !!! Itwas a great edition.
The party with the Chosen Best Trick was unbelievable.
The level of the final runs in all the classes was crazy.
A big THANK to the volunteers and dj's = Ismaël, David (DJ Shamalo), JB (DJ Sage), Aurélie, Gabby, Aurore, Elodie, Benoit, Tommy, Xavier, Kévin and thank to all who helped us even if it was a small help.
Thank you to the riders !!!
Thank you to the sponsors = Carhartt, Chosen, KHE, RedBull, K-124, Stereo Panda, Flatland Store, Frenchy's, Agoride, the city of Servon, Global Flat, Flat TV, Sevisual, St Martin
The Circle Cow is still alive thanks to you !!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to give us the motivation to keep alive this contest
See you,


Here are the final results

1 Dandois Matthias
2 Adam Kun
3 Dénes Katona
4 Fabien Stephan
5 Taka Nishikawa
6 Joris Bretagnolles
7 John Kramer
8 Noyer Thomas
9 Jumelin Alex
10 Peter Szabolcsi

1 Valentin Flad
2 Nicolas Freulon
3 Thomas Gunkel
4 Mayrik Costa
5 Jonas De Smet

1 Melvyn Masson
2 Banguy gabriel
3 Mickael Vest
4 Jean Gardelle
5 Paul Dezeix
6 Thomas Delaporte
7 Romain Le Doaré
8 Marcus Tyrban

1 Matthieu Chauvirey
2 Kris Thieffry
3 Clement Benoit
4 Clement Romain
5 Vlado Slavik
6 Eric Cami Marsol
7 Florian Huguet
8 Patrick Bahlinger

1 Arnaud Gravey
2 Bonnecuelle Mathieu
3 Hahne Rayk
4 Michael Machard
5 Sandor Tatray
6 Charles Paty
7 Kevin Laugier
8 Mike Plas

jeudi 11 février 2010

Saint Martin

The famous french company Saint Martin supports us and continues the adventure.
A part of the team riders will be there, even from Japan !!!


KHE likes the contest and we proove it with this email from Timm Henger (Manager Advertising) =
"I wish you all the best for the Circle Cow!
Its one of the best flatland contests around, I hope it will be there for more years to come.
We are happy to support you guys."


One more time and since the beginning of the CC story, we are proud to have Carhartt as a sponsor !!! Thanx Mike !!!
Visit the website :


K-124 shop from Clermont Ferrand will have a booth at the contest. You will find of course all the A Bad Thing parts !!!

lundi 8 février 2010


Agoride will be present one more time to film the event. Soon after the contest, you will find a good report and video.

Flatland Store

Flatland Store will have a booth with all the parts you need for your bikes !!!
With special prices for the CC11

Best Trick Chosen

On saturday night, we will have a best trick contest sponsorised by Chosen.
Many clothes to win with special best tricks !!!
Chosen is new european clothing company who supports BMX now !!! Visit their website
The BMX Flat team will be at the Circle Cow : Benoit Clément, Kévin Laugier and Pascal Mintovt